Your odor is your identity.

Every single thing begins with perceiving. When you open your eyes to the world, you perceive the light, then objects, then their shapes, then colors. Each one comes into existence with your sight.

You couldn’t remember your first touch, because it was a reflex. As long as you live there, you need that reflex even you were a baby. Because it is the major connection between you and others. Babies want to feel their mother’s skin, lovers want to feel their partner’s. In that way, people get rid of their solitude. Thereby each relation becomes stronger with your touch.

On the other hand, all the senses are remembered for their scent. Your odor is your identity. Your past, your life, your probably future is hidden in your scent. Even though you run away from yourself, the scent of your skin will be your definition. Do you companionable, or frosty? Do you the genial one, or cranky one? Do you suffering loneliness, feel like you screwed everything up? As I said before, all your emotions are hidden in your odor. Your ambition, your jealousy, your happiness, your hate… they all manifest themselves in it.

The perception pool in which we swim is the smell. For instance, if I’m out on the street, I smell of the city everywhere. If I’m at home at night, I smell like home, or my house smells like me. I smell like a child next to my mother, or I smell like a mother next to my child. It determines who you are.

The sense can remind us of the past because it is the closest neighbor perception with the memory region in the brain. Therefore, some smells are your childhood, some are your ex-love, some of them is a memory that you want to forget. That’s what they say “the only thing that makes a person familiar is the odour.” It carries your memories, the burden of the past, the people of the past. While you walk on the street with your hands in your pockets, a smell fills your nose. A smell that feels like home you grew up inside, you remember that just like the first day because the smell of the house you grew up in doesn’t change.

As a final point, I want to add a recommendation for you. It might be considered as a series that begins with a book called Das Parfum written by Patrich Süskind. Then in 2006, it was turned into a screenplay, it’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. After that, Netflix made a 6 part mini-series called Perfume. The series begins with the fact that a murdered singer was found with scent glands cut off from her body, and thereupon detectives interrogated a group of friends from the victim’s boarding school. The series has a slightly dark and sultry atmosphere, but I definitely recommend watching it.

In a few words, a person generally can not smell his own, although everyone has a characteristic odor. It defines one’s desires, fears, wishes. It brings to mind memories full of satisfaction and regrets. It brings people closer, spreads their aura, takes them into the sphere of influence. And thus, the smell has a real significance on people, although they are not aware of it.



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